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Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Learning is now Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Language and Literacy delivers award-winning language and literacy instruction that students love and teachers trust. With its engaging activities, videos, songs, and games, Imagine Language and Literacy is research-based, instructionally differentiated, and incredibly fun to use.

Imagine Español

Imagine Learning Español is now Imagine Español

Imagine Español is designed to build literacy and language proficiency in Spanish for pre–K through first grade. As students learn to read in Spanish, they gain confidence, discover authentic cultural traditions, and build a solid foundation for academic success.

Imagine Math

Think Through Math is now Imagine Math

Imagine Math combines live teacher support, unique student motivation, and engaging adaptive instruction in a web-based learning system that is proven to help students learn—and love—math!

Imagine Math Facts

Big Brainz is now Imagine Math Facts

Imagine Math Facts solves the math fluency puzzle in an intensely memorable way that facilitates learning. As students participate in Imagine Math Facts, they quickly gain math-fact fluency, a new interest in math, and an attitude of success toward solving problems.