Cross Product

Simplified File Rostering Format

Imagine Learning's Simplified File Rostering Format is used for one-time imports only. This option works well if you want to import your data initially and then manage student and educator roster information in the associated product portal.

The Simplified File Rostering import templates are Excel spreadsheets that can be used with these products:

  • Imagine Learning Literacy Suite
    • Imagine Language & Literacy
    • Imagine Español
    • Imagine Reading
    • Imagine Assessment: Galileo
  • Imagine Learning Math Suite
    • Imagine Math
    • Imagine Math Facts

How do I roster?

To use the simplified file rostering format, you must first download and populate the import template for the product you want to roster. Then you can upload your import files to Imagine Learning so that the Imagine Learning Data Integration team can import your files. You should have already received an email from a member of the Imagine Learning Customer Experience team; if you have not yet received this email, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Download the templates

For each product that you need to roster, download the appropriate educator and student templates.

Populate the educator and student templates with your data

Refer to the data definitions for each template to know know what data is allowed in each column.

Enable Editing in Excel Spreadsheet

Save as .xlsx

Upload your import files to Imagine Learning

Upload your import files to the Imagine Learning Data Integration team using the secure form below. The files you upload are securely transferred via HTTPS to an Imagine Learning Box account, where these files are protected with best-in-class security and accessible only to members of the Imagine Learning Data Integration team.

Upload roster files

Common Roadblocks

To ensure that your files can be imported quickly and effectively, follow these tips:

  1. Open the downloaded template files in Excel (or another spreadsheet program).
  2. Excel will open the template files in Protected View. Click Enable Editing to populate the template.
  3. The templates will contain information about what values you can enter. Click in an individual cell for more information.
  4. Save your import files as .xlsx (Excel) files.
  5. Incomplete data: All columns should be filled out for each row (unless the template specifically directs otherwise).
  6. Mismatched school or class names: Verify that every time a specific school (or class) is referenced, it is spelled exactly the same way, in both student and educator files. Verify that different classes do not have the same name, even if they are in different schools.
  7. Invalid file format: Always save these rostering files as .xslx files. Saving a file as a different format may cause the embedded instructions to be lost.
  8. Incorrect assignment to multiple schools or classes: The correct way to assign a teacher (or student) to multiple schools or classes is by duplicating that teacher (or student) information in a new row, as shown below. Note: In the Imagine Math Suite, you cannot assign a student to multiple classes or schools, nor can you assign staff members to multiple schools.

Duplicate row

Note: If you have used Assisted Rostering in the past, you may be expecting different, more detailed templates. You can still use these previous templates if you want. The Simplified Rostering File Format templates are simpler and require less technical expertise than other import templates, and should be used in most cases.