Galileo K-12

Clever integration

Clever is a third-party service that can connect district Student Information Systems (SIS) with Imagine Learning products. Clever allows Imagine Learning products to access relevant student data in a standardized way, eliminating the need for teachers and administrators to manage rosters throughout the year.

Clever services include:

  • Roster Synchronization (Clever's Secure Sync): Clever synchronizes rosters daily one way, from the district SIS to the Imagine Learning product.
  • Single Sign-On (Clever's Instant Login): Once a student or teacher has logged in to Clever, they can automatically access Imagine Learning products without an additional login.

Clever can be used for rostering without SSO, but SSO can't be supported without Clever rostering.

Integrating Galileo K-12 with Clever

Galileo K-12 can integrate with Clever to load and synchronize roster data. This integration also includes informing Galileo K-12 of a student's Clever user identity so that single sign-on is enabled.

Organizations integrating with Clever should work with Imagine Learning's Rostering Team or Technical System Engineers to ensure the right setup. If you aren't rostering all students at the organization, sharing rules need to be set up with Clever to ensure that the correct students are rostered. It is important to ensure that grade levels are accurately shared. If a student's grade level is set to Other, it is interpreted by Galileo K-12 as a grade 6 or above.

You can integrate Clever student information system (SIS) data with Galileo K-12 if you authorize Galileo K-12 to receive data from Clever. Take the steps necessary to add Galileo K-12 to your Clever Dashboard, and make sure your sync status is operational before you begin.


Galileo K-12 does not currently support Clever Goals.

If you'd like to use Galileo K-12 with Clever, inform your Customer Success Manager or contact

To complete the integration:

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager to let us know you'd like to use Clever.
  2. Authorize Imagine Language & Literacy to receive data in your Clever Dashboard.
  3. Set up the necessary Clever sharing rules to ensure that the correct students are rostered.
  4. Make sure that the sync status is operational.

Imagine Learning will:

  1. Accept the request to receive data from Clever.
  2. Schedule daily roster syncs.

The SIS is the authoritative source for synced data. Performing a sync of SIS data will override any previously synced data in the Imagine Learning Portal. Data manually created in the Imagine Learning Portal remains unchanged.

SSO – Instant Login

Once data is synced to Imagine Learning, the district has the option to allow students to access an Imagine Learning product from the Clever Dashboard. After clicking a product icon on the Dashboard, a student is automatically logged in to the product without being required to provide authentication credentials (username and password) again.