Imagine Español



The Imagine Español server is installed at a school or district, and protected by the organization firewall.

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The Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers media directly to devices or to a Media Booster at the district or school. By default, Imagine Español receives media directly from the CDN.

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Media Booster

You may reduce the amount of bandwidth required for student sessions by installing a Media Booster (a physical device that caches media from the Imagine Learning CDN) at a district or school. Media Boosters require network resources when the media is initially downloaded, when updates are released, and when Media Booster software is updated.


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Configure your firewall policy to allow access to * and * Check our whitelist requirements for more details, including host names and IP addresses.


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We have native student apps that work with a variety of devices. Installed apps may improve performance and reduce demands on your network. We recommend that you allow automatic updates to get the latest enhancements and fixes.

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App in browser

When you use the student web app, you'll be sure to get the latest product enhancements, and no installation is necessary. You can configure bookmarks that eliminate the need to enter a server address during the log in process. The teacher portal is a web app that requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

Network demand

Network bar

Network demand may vary, depending on the configuration you choose.