Imagine Español

Quick Guide

Getting started

Imagine Español is an award-winning language and literacy software program that features interactive activities, videos, and games. It’s research-based, instructionally differentiated, and incredibly fun to use.


Imagine Español offers a single login point for students teachers, and administrators. Upon student login, a session begins automatically.

Imagine Español login

Student login reminders

Student login cards can help students remember their information until they have it memorized.

Download this PDF template to create cards with students' account names and passwords.


Computers and devices

To ensure a smooth student experience, test all devices in advance. See System requirements for information about supported devices.


Imagine Español is best utilized with headphones and a microphone.


Please be sure to keep each headset with its paired computer so as not to confuse device connections.

Printer (optional)

Imagine Español offers a printing option that will periodically generate student activity sheets and progress reports (student names are pre-printed).

To turn printing option on or off

  1. Navigate to your class and click Edit Group Details to make changes.

Teacher information

Activity Menu

The Activity Menu provides easy access to every activity for individual, small-group, or whole-group instruction.

Student login cards

Navigate using the white icons to the left of the menu. You can change program settings, including first language support. Open Imagine Manager to find reports, management functions, and additional resources. Log out of the Activity Menu and return to the login page.

Imagine Manager

Use Imagine Manager to:

  • Launch activities for individual, small group, and whole group use
  • Review group and individual reports and listen to student recordings
  • Manage classroom and student account preferences (session time, student passwords, etc.).

Add students

Log in to Imagine Manager to add students.

To add students

  1. Select Students under Set up from the Manager home page.
  2. Select your classroom.
  3. Click Add Student.
  4. Search for existing students by name or ID.
  5. Or click Create New Student.
  6. Input required fields and click OK.

Edit student details

Log in to Imagine Manager to edit student details.

To edit student details

  1. Select Students under Set up from the Manager home page.
  2. Select a student name, then click Edit Student Details.
  3. Check student info, and update if necessary.
  4. When data is correct in all required fields, click OK.

License management

Each student license is assigned upon initial login. A license can be freed up by either removing the student from all groups or releasing the license through the management pane.

Student instructions

Students who use the program with fidelity are more likely to achieve optimal results.


We recommend 15 minutes daily or 1 hour a week.

Navigation buttons

Navigation buttons

Ask for help

This message indicates that the student has not taken any action for a while. Resume the session by clicking the screen.

help screen

Student recording

To record

  1. Click the microphone.
  2. Read the passage out loud.
  3. Click Stop.

Recording activity


The student will not be able to turn the page until recording steps are completed.

Authentic culture

Not a translation

Imagine Español is not a translation of our English program, Imagine Language & Literacy. It is uniquely crafted to be pedagogically and culturally appropriate, honoring Spanish literacy intruction

Image of activity

A rich cultural framework

Authentic music and art help students discover strong cultural traditions. While a neutral Spanish accent is used for instruction, regional accents from featured Spanish-speaking countries are used in culturally-based activities.

Highlighting the cultural and linguistic richness of Spanish-speaking countries provides students with a more meaningful educational experience.

Image of activity


Group Usage Report

The Group Usage Report provides information about how often students in a class or group are using Imagine Español.

Individual Detailed Report

The Individual Detailed Report provides information about which skill students have mastered or not mastered and when they receive instruction for each skill.

Report matrix

The Report Matrix explains each report's purpose and indicates how frequently each one should be run. An administrator report is available on request.

Image of activity

Data to drive instruction

Teachers can determine students' areas of struggle and pinpoint intervention strategies by running the Individual Detailed Report and choosing Unmastered Skills Only.

curriculum progress details

Use the Activity Menu to strategize intervention, launch additional activities, and work one-on-one with students as needed.

Activity Menu

To further strengthen student skills, teachers may print instructional support materials from the Resource Guides.

resource guides

Instructional scenarios

There are several instructional models Imagine Español can be used for. Below are a few examples.

Teacher-led instruction

Because Imagine Español activities teach key language and literacy skills, teachers can select desired lessons for focused whole-class instruction, practice, and review. Projecting activities or using them with an interactive white board makes it easy for everyone to participate.

Computer bank or lab rotation

Imagine Español provides each student with an individualized learning path by providing systematic, adaptive instruction. This makes it ideal for independent student learning—whether it be at an in-class station or in a computer lab.