Imagine Español

Student app

Student login

This image shows the Imagine Language & Literacy login interface.

To log in to Imagine Español

  1. Open a supported web browser and go to, or launch the app from a supported device.
  2. Enter the student username, password, and Site Code (if necessary), then click the check mark to store the Site Code.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. Click Allow to grant microphone permissions when you see the Use your microphone pop-up dialog box.

You can create a bookmark for the web app that eliminates the need for initial authentication. If that process is not in place, students must enter and save a Site Code the first time they log in.

To log in to Imagine Español using a QR Code Card

  1. Open a supported web browser and go to, or launch the app from a supported device.
  2. Click Scan QR Code.
  3. Hold the Student Login card in a position that allows the camera to scan the QR Code.

Camera permissions must be enabled either before or during the first time the Scan QR Code button is pressed. The Chrome Web Store will ask the user to allow the new permission after the app is downloaded.

Privacy Statement

The Imagine Learning Student app makes it possible for students to log in by scanning a personalized QR code with their device's camera. Imagine Learning takes individual privacy rights and data privacy standards seriously. Using cameras as a part of the login process may raise some concerns about privacy and security, which we wish to address with the questions and answers below:

Is Imagine Learning watching or recording my child?

No. The camera is only turned on when the student presses the Scan QR Code button and it shuts off again when the QR code is successfully scanned or the student returns to the regular login screen.

Is data with my child's image or likeness sent to Imagine Learning?

No. The scanning and processing of the QR code is done locally on the device and no image or video is sent to Imagine Learning for processing or storage. The camera is never turned on or used while a student is logged in and playing activities.

Can I prevent the camera from being turned on?

Like other apps that use a device's camera, the user must grant permission to use the camera. This typically happens the first time you try it, and then the settings are stored in your device. These settings can, however, be controlled and changed by the administrator of the device (for example, in Chrome you can manage what apps are allowed to use the camera by visiting chrome://settings/content/camera in the URL bar). School administrators can also decide to enable or disable device cameras for the Imagine Learning Student app school-wide as they choose.

If I don't have a camera or choose not to grant permission, can my child still log in?

Absolutely. Students can still log in by typing their normal username and password. The QR code login experience simply makes logging in easier, especially for younger users who are still learning to type.