Imagine Language & Literacy

Account management

Management tools in the Imagine Learning Portal Dashboard let you create and modify user accounts and permissions for your organizations, staff, students, and groups. You can create and modify user accounts based on your role: Administrators can create and modify organization, group, staff, and student accounts; Instructors can create and modify student accounts in their assigned groups.

Management tools are found on the top navigation bar. Select Management (administrators) or Students & Groups (teachers).

Dashboard management

If you're zoomed in, you'll see icons on the top navigation like this:

Dashboard management

Quick Edit reveals the Edit Organization or Edit Student window. Select Management (administrators) or Students & Groups (teachers) for full access to Management tools.

Dashboard management


You need to provide authentication before you can access Management tools. If you don't have an account in Imagine Learning Portal, contact the Imagine Language & Literacy administrator for your school or district.

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