Imagine Language & Literacy

App management

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There are different options for managing Imagine Language & Literacy apps, depending on the device you are configuring. You can find device-specific information below.


You can install the Imagine Language & Literacy Chrome app with a settings file that controls settings such as a Site Code or server address, and other preferences to all of the Chromebooks on your network using the Google Admin console.


We recommend that you use in a Chrome browser. However, if you don't want to use the Chrome browser, or you are experiencing performance issues, install the Windows Store app.


Imagine Language & Literacy settings files don't work with iPads; however, there are a variety of third-party enterprise deployment solutions that allow you to deploy Imagine Language & Literacy apps to large numbers of devices. We recommend allowing auto updates on iPads to simplify the update process.


The Mac app you download directly from Imagine Learning differs in functionality from the app in the Mac App Store. If you download the app from us, media is cached per machine, rather than per user, to avoid consuming excessive storage space on computers with multiple users. The Mac App Store app caches media for each user, and will cache the same media multiple times on the same device if separate users log in to the same computer. The Mac app also works with a settings file that allows you to control settings such as a Site Code or server address, caching modes, and browser preferences for all users on your network.


Initial deployment on Android devices requires entering the Site Code on each device. Manage apps through Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.