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Cloud syncs

An Imagine Learning Data Integration Specialist or District Technician can use a command-line interface utility to sync organization, class, student, and teacher rosters in Imagine Learning Cloud with district student information system (SIS) data. To use this utility, the district SIS must have the capability to automate the generation of import files.


The import utility (ILImport.exe) can be copied to and then run from any accessible directory folder. No installation is required. The utility uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to securely transfer information.

If you are interested in using this utility, contact an Imagine Learning Data Integration Specialist.

To set up a sync of SIS data with Imagine Learning Cloud

  1. Before you begin, you must automate the process of populating Imagine Learning Cloud import files with SIS information. The Roster page has download links for Imagine Learning import templates and descriptions of the required fields, as well as download links and information about populating OneRoster™ templates.
  2. Copy ILImport.exe to a folder that can be accessed by the command line to run the utility (with proper rights, if needed).
  3. Run the script from the folder that contains ILImport.exe using a CLI, or add the script to whatever process is used to automate the generation of SIS import files (python script, batch file, etc.).
    ILImport.exe -u username -p password -s sitecode [-t] filenames
  4. The utility updates Imagine Learning Cloud rosters on demand when you run the script, and you will see an "Uploaded import files" message listing the files you uploaded and their location.

Import utility parameters




-u Username


Enter the username associated with your IL Admin account (first name.last

-p Password


Enter the password associated with your IL Admin account.

-s Site Code


Enter the Imagine Learning Site Code.



Use this parameter to test the utility. It authenticates the user with the given site, but does not actually upload the files.

-e Environment


This is an optional parameter, and is not required when importing to production. Enter the environment that contains the site for which you are syncing data.

-r RealmName

Required for SSO

Add this parameter to the command line to specify a SSO realm name with an import. The realm name is Imagine Learning's name for its connection with a district. This parameter is available in ILImport.exe version 1.0.10 or later.



Enter between one and seven filenames. Imagine Learning import files are either .csv or .excel format, and each filename must identify exactly one object type (“org”, “class”, “user”, or “student”). OneRoster™ files are in .csv format and you must include each of the seven files (orgs.csv, users.csv, courses.csv, classes.csv, enrollments.csv, academicSessions.csv, and demographics.csv).


When the import is completed, you will receive an email notification; there is no progress status available. Processing time varies and may exceed 24 hours in some cases. Unless you receive an error message, assume that the import is processing and don't submit an additional job.

Exit Codes






Success using -t (test parameter) or Implied wanting to know how to use the utility.


Username, password, and target site are required. Must have either -test or valid source filename(s).


Validation error

Username or password incorrect for this site, or authorization URL is not available.


File error

File not found, incorrect path or filename.


Filename error

Filename must contain exactly one of these substrings for each object type: org, class, user, or student.


Connection error

Cannot contact the Import Service.


Validation error

User is not an Imagine Learning Administrator for this site.