Imagine Language & Literacy

Network requirements

This article explains the network infrastructure requirements necessary to run Imagine Language & Literacy successfully. It explains the network speed required to stream media on a user workstation or device, as well as to accommodate media stored locally on the user workstation or device. It also explains any Internet connections that need to remain open and accessible.

Imagine Language & Literacy uses media files that should be whitelisted to avoid potential client issues. These media files are compressed .tar files for pre-caching; .ogg and .ogv files for PCs, Macs, Windows devices, and Chromebooks; and .mp3 and .mp4 files for iPad and Android devices.

Required network resources



Bandwidth (streaming media)

50–60 MB of data per student during a single 30-minute session

The total bandwidth required to stream media to the user workstation depends on the number of active students using Imagine Language & Literacy. For scalability reasons, you can use this calculation to determine how much bandwidth you require: Number of concurrent students × 60 MB × 8 megabits ÷ 1800 seconds = Total Mbps needed

Bandwidth (media stored locally)

15–20 MB per student during a single 30-minute session


An available static IP address and network port

Port 8080 open on internal network to stream media to user workstation or device.

An outbound Internet connection to:

  • to access the upstream Imagine Learning Media server at the Imagine Learning CDN for content updates
  • for support and reporting purposes