Imagine Language & Literacy



The information on this page is valid only for the Imagine Learning legacy app.

Click the gear icon to access settings that allow you to determine how you will cache media, specify the language students hear when you start activities from the Activity menu, or enable logging for troubleshooting purposes.

To change settings

Settings screen

  1. Tap or click the gear icon to access Settings.
  2. Adjust the settings according to your preference.
  3. Tap or click Done.



Server or Site Code

The URL or IP address of the server that connects to this device, or your organization's Site Code.

Audio Language

Specifies the language that students hear when you start activities from the Activity Menu.

Media Caching

Specifies how you want to access the media files required to use Imagine Learning. Cache as you go: Streams media the first time it is needed, then stores the files for later use. Uses some device storage. This is the default setting. Pre-cache: Downloads and saves all media onto the device before use (be sure to allow adequate time to download the media files). Requires at least 4GB of free space. Recommended if you have intermittent or slow network connectivity. Streaming: Streams media directly from the network without downloading or saving any files on the device. Recommended if you have robust network connectivity and limited device storage space. This is the only media caching option for Chromebook.

Enable activity queuing

You can use this setting to select specific activities from the Activity Menu to play in succession. It is not intended for general use; do not turn on this feature without talking to an Imagine Learning representative.

Enable logging

Enables logging for troubleshooting purposes. Use this setting only under the direction of Imagine Learning Technical Support.