Imagine Math Facts

Network requirements

Startup time

Startup time equals download time plus load time. Imagine Math Facts accurately shows download time on screen. Load time is more complex and can include some things that are hard for us to track, measure, or display. Download time depends on per-computer bandwidth. Load time depends on computer speed.

Download time

Download time is determined by per-computer bandwidth.


Download time

1 Mbps

2 minutes

1 Gbps

1/10th second

Individual computer bandwidth is determined by the school’s total bandwidth divided by the number of users concurrently downloading content.


After a game is downloaded, Imagine Math Facts has almost no bandwidth impact until the next game loads.

Wireless networks

If the access points for wireless routers are too far away, connections can degrade or be lost entirely. In addition, wireless technologies have different maximum throughput.





11 Mbps Max (2.4GHz)


54 Mbps Max (2.4GHz)


600 Mbps Max (2.4GHz & 5GHz)


1300 Mbps Max (5GHz)