Imagine Math Facts


You can roster Imagine Math Facts by adding classes, adding students, and importing a class list. These processes are initiated by clicking the AddClass(es), AddStudent(s), or ImportStudentList buttons.

Add classes modal window

Add classes

To add classes

  1. Click Add Classes, and then type or paste in new classes in the right panel. A new line represents a new class. The left panel previews your work. Nothing prevents the creation of two classes with the same name.
  2. Click Add to create the classes.

    Add classes modal window

Add students

To add students

  1. Select a class from the organization tree, then enter studentname;username;password. A new line represents a new student.

    Imagine Math Facts now requires a unique username and password for each student.

  2. Click Add to create the students.

    Add classes modal window

Import student list

The Import Student List feature allows you to add classes and students together, in bulk.

To import a student list

  1. Enter classname;studentname;username;password in the Class List editing window. The Preview window shows your work. New classes and students are created, even if there is an existing class and student with the same name.
  2. When you are finished entering information, click Add.

    Add classes modal window

Add students with import templates

For large implementations of 200+ students, using import templates to add organizations, groups, students, and users is the best solution. These templates are populated by the school or district from a SIS export, and the templates are imported by Imagine Learning. If you're using this method, you should understand data file management, manipulation, and relationships; be able to extract multiple files from your SIS and provide them to 3rd party application providers or SIS integration services; and be comfortable manipulating rows and columns on comma separated value (CSV) files to accurately represent data relationships.

Download file templates

Choose the file templates you'd like to use and click to download the files. Select OneRoster™ templates only if your SIS exports data in OneRoster™ format.

Submit your files

  1. Download the import templates you'd like to use and prepare your files. See Imagine Learning file specifications or OneRoster™ 1.1 file specifications for details on populating the import files.
  2. Use the secure form to submit your files to the Imagine Learning Data Integration team.

Upload roster files


Files uploaded with this form are securely transferred via HTTPS to an Imagine Learning Box account, where files are protected with best-in-class security and accessible to members of the Imagine Learning Data Integration team.

Third-party integration

Imagine Math Facts can integrate with ClassLink or Clever to load and sync roster data.


The Imagine Learning Data Integration team is available to assist with answers to your questions. Email