Imagine Math Facts

Site Code

A Site Code is used to identify your organization from other Imagine Math Facts users, and makes district-wide unique usernames and passwords possible. Site Codes need to be unique.

The Site Code for most public schools is the National Center for Education Statistics identification number (NCES district or school ID), or local education agency identification number (LEA ID). This number is a seven-digit code for school districts, and you can find a tool to locate that number here. In some situations, a 12-digit Site Code is used to identify schools within very large districts. The first seven numbers will match the district's number, and five unique numbers at the end of the code identify the school.


Site Codes are assigned by an Imagine Learning representative, and may sometimes deviate from the seven-digit LEA ID format, particularly in the case of private schools.

The Site Code is a necessary part of the Imagine Math Facts authentication process for both students and teachers; however, you can include the Site Code in a bookmark to simplify the authentication process.