Imagine Math



If your district is new to Imagine Math, the Imagine Learning Data Integration team can help with the rostering process.

Is this service right for you?

You and your district might be good candidates for this service if you have a better-than-average understanding of data file management and data manipulation and:

  • You have at least 3 schools that you need to onboard.
  • You’re already extracting multiple files from your SIS and providing them to 3rd party application providers or SIS integration services.
  • You understand data relationships.
  • You’re comfortable manipulating rows and columns on comma separated value (CSV) files to accurately represent data relationships.

Submitting your files

  1. Download the import templates and prepare your files. See Imagine Math file specifications for detailed information about populating the templates.
  2. Contact the Imagine Learning Data Integration team.

Downloading file templates

Click to download files templates to populate with SIS information.

What's next?

The Imagine Learning Data Integration team assists you with the rostering process.


The Imagine Learning Data Provisioning team is available to assist with answers to your questions.