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Blueprint is now called Imagine Math Pre-K-2 and can be found at


There are different ways that you can roster your students in Imagine Math: self-service rostering, assisted rostering, or rostering through third-party integration with a SIS provider.

  • Self-service rostering (where you use the Imagine Math portal to roster your staff and students in bulk or individually)
  • Assisted rostering (where you prepare your data files using specific roster templates and then upload them to the Imagine Learning Rostering team to be rostered)
  • Third-party integration (where you integrate with a SIS provider using a third-party service to load and sync roster data)

The rostering method that you choose depends on how many student accounts you need to add and whether your school or district is using a third-party SIS provider. If you are adding 50 or less student accounts, we recommend that you use self-service rostering. If you are adding 200 or more student accounts, we recommend that you use assisted rostering. If you are using a SIS provider, we recommend that you follow the third-party integration instructions to sync data from your SIS provider.


Self-service rostering


Add students individually

When you are adding fewer than 50 students, you can easily create students individually in Imagine Math. You'll be walked through the steps as you go.

To create a new student


Select Support Language as Spanish if the student is Spanish-speaking. This will allow student to access Spanish audio throughout the application.

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. Click Import in the blue Quick Start box.
  3. Click Get Started under Go Step-by-Step.
  4. Click Add a Classroom. We recommend using the teacher last name and period number. When you're finished entering the information, click Create Classroom.
  5. Select the classroom where you want to add students.
  6. Click Add New Students.
  7. Enter the student information, then click Finish Adding Students.
  8. For Usernames and Passwords, choose to Create My Own or Keep Defaults.
  9. Choose to Set Demographic Info or Not Now (skip).
  10. Confirm student data, click Confirm Changes.

Add students with roster templates

Student accounts can be created by uploading spreadsheets directly to Imagine Math. You will be walked through the steps as you go.

To add students with roster templates

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. Click Import in the blue Quick Start box.
  3. Click Get Started under Upload a CSV.
  4. Use the dropdown menu to select a school and Add Teachers and Classrooms, then click Next.
  5. Click Download Template and Upload File Details and Instructions.
  6. Fill in the template. Click Select File to upload and click Next.
  7. Review the actions and any errors in the upload. When satisfied with the results, confirm changes and click Next, then click Start New Import.
  8. Select Add Students and Classrooms from the dropdown menu, then click Next.
  9. Download the template and fill in necessary information.
  10. Click Select File to upload the template. Confirm changes and click Next. You will receive a Complete message.

If your roster file has more than 200 rows in it, it may not look like it's uploading correctly. To upload large roster files, please contact or create smaller files for your roster data.

Assisted Rostering

Assisted rostering allows you to roster students using templates populated with your roster data. Then you can upload your roster files to the Imagine Learning Data Rostering team to ensure that all your staff and students are rostered successfully. You and your district might be good candidates for Assisted Rostering if you have a better-than-average understanding of data file management and data manipulation and:

  • You have at least 3 schools that you need to onboard.
  • You're already extracting multiple files from your SIS and providing them to 3rd party application providers or SIS integration services.
  • You understand data relationships.
  • You're comfortable manipulating rows and columns on comma separated value (CSV) files to accurately represent data relationships.

Download the roster file templates

Download the roster file templates below. You can use the Simplified Roster templates or the Traditional Roster templates to prepare your data. Use the OneRoster™ templates only if your SIS can export data in the OneRoster™ format.

Populate the roster file templates with your data

Depending on the templates that you downloaded, click the file specifications below for instructions on how to populate your roster files with the correct data.

Upload your roster files to Imagine Learning

Upload your roster files to the Imagine Learning Rostering team using the secure form below. The files you upload are securely transferred via HTTPS to an Imagine Learning Box account, where these files are protected with best-in-class security and accessible only to members of the Imagine Learning Rostering team.

Upload roster files


Third-party integration


You can roster your students using third-party services like Clever and ClassLink to load and sync SIS data.


Need help? Email the Imagine Learning Rostering team for assistance.