Imagine Math

School Administrator navigation

From the School Administrator menu, you can access the dashboard and reports; manage teachers and initiate benchmark tests; manage classes, pathways, and motivation; view teacher resources and messages; and connect with Technical Support.

Image of navigation options for school administrators

The following navigation options are available to school administrators:


View aggregate statistics on overall student performance and student progress. Also known as the dashboard.


Add, edit and view teachers and students and initiate benchmark tests for eligible students.


Add, edit, and view classrooms.


View available pathways, create unique pathways, preview a specific activity in a lesson and find answers to specific math problems.


View reports to monitor student progress and achievement.


Manage class motivational programs such as classroom goals, charitable donations, and contests.


Read messages from Imagine Math and send messages to students.


View teacher and student resource materials and connect with Imagine Math Technical Support representatives for one-on-one assistance.