Imagine Math

Teacher Dashboard

Image of teacher dashboard


Use the Filter by: feature to select a classroom from the dropdown list and set a filter. When you select a classroom, the Students with Work, Math Time, Student Activity, and Student Performance widgets will refresh to show data specific to the classroom.

Students with Work

Shows students who have taken a math action expressed as a percentage of students enrolled. A rising percentage indicates growth in the number of enrolled students using Imagine Math for the first time. This metric can be used to monitor progress in student onboarding.

Math Time

Shows average time spent by students doing math with an emphasis on school time, expressed as hours and minutes (HH:MM). Hovering over a section of the pie chart will reveal average school time or average evening/weekend time. These metrics can be used to monitor overall student usage of Imagine Math.

Student Activity

Shows the average number of lessons completed (‘attempted’) by students. The bar chart shows the progression of average completed lessons toward 30. The dials show the percentage of students who have completed less than 15 lessons, between 15 and 29 lessons and 30 or more lessons. These metrics can be used to monitor student progress in completing lessons.

Student Performance

Shows passed lesson data. The green box indicates the percentage of all lessons completed that were passed. The dials show unique lessons passed — split by on grade-level and below grade-level — in total and expressed as a percentage of unique lessons completed. These metrics can be used to monitor student mastery of math concepts based on the quantity of unique lessons being passed. Low percentages of passed lessons may indicate the need for additional remediation.

View More Information

View more detailed Snapshot Reports for Math Time, Student Activity and Student Performance and download data.


Once Imagine Math has set up charitable giving, shows the top 5 charities receiving the highest donations. Go to the full charities list by clicking View All Charities.

Activity Feed

Shows moment-by-moment activity by students across all classrooms. Click the message bubble icon to send the student a message or click the star icon to ‘star’ an action (similar to liking a post on Facebook). Click a student’s name to go to the Student Progress Report. Students receive notifications of stars on their dashboard and receive messages in their Messages section.


Shows Imagine Math's featured theme-based contest encouraging student effort in class and outside of school. Go to the full contest list by clicking View All Contests.