Imagine Math

Whitelist requirements for Imagine Math

All traffic to and from Imagine Math is transmitted using the highest levels of encryption available, and, unless noted in Imagine Math's Technical Specifications document, will only go to the domain.


In order to improve application performance, Imagine Math uses the Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network for static files such as images, PDFs, and the like. Our Cloudfront DNS aliases are:

If you are having trouble loading images or styles in Imagine Math, you may find that whitelisting and will solve the problem. These subdomains are only for Imagine Math use and no non-Imagine Math content will be served from them.

Imagine Math leverages the Amazon Web Service Cloud to help us quickly and easily scale to meet performance and capacity needs. We understand that schools need to ensure the privacy and security of their networks and their students, which is why we ensure that all DNS hostnames for Imagine Math services use the * pattern.

Some firewalls and security devices cannot filter by domain name, only by IP. Since Amazon Web Services is a massive platform, the IP address ranges that Imagine Math could be deployed on are very broad. Although we strongly recommend using DNS for traffic filtering, If you need to whitelist IP ranges for Imagine Math, these are the ranges of IP addresses Imagine Math could use.

Additionally, we strongly encourage you to add to your whitelist. This service is used for error reporting and troubleshooting.