Discrepancy in student numbers in Portal Benchmark Test reports

There is a discrepancy in the administrator view of the Benchmark Test Gains and Performance Level reports. The discrepancy is related to the number of students shown when comparing multiple testing periods, but there are two factors that contribute to the discrepancy.

When comparing multiple testing periods, the number of students should be the same; however, the report may show some differences if:

  1. The school year setting is not set to the beginning of the first testing period OR
  2. Students may not have received a score for either Literacy or Oral Vocabulary and show Tested Out.

Change the beginning school year setting to 8/1 or a date prior to the first test taken in this test period. If the discrepancy shows because students haven't received a score for Literacy or Oral Vocabulary there is no workaround.

These issues will be fixed in a coming release.