"Aw Snap" Error Screen

Occasionally, some users may see an error screen that says “Aw Snap” or has a nuclear symbol while using Imagine Language & Literacy in the Chrome browser. This error is created and presented by the Chrome browser. It occurs when Chrome is cleaning up memory usage and determines that our product should have reduced memory usage. It occurs more frequently on 32-bit Chrome browser environments.

Aw Snap Error Message

"Chrome may need a large amount of memory to parse the generated JavaScript code, which can cause out-of-memory errors or crashes when loading content on 32-bit browsers." (https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/webgl-browsercompatibility.html)


Restart the browser or Chrome Web Store app when the error occurs. Where frequent occurrences happen, we recommend that an operating system reboot occur weekly. We also recommend that users run our product in a 64-bit Chrome browser.