Chrome 66 disables non-video audio playback

Users running our Imagine Learning legacy app in a Chrome browser or with the prepackaged app (versions: 1.121.1054 and 1.121.1055), or the Imagine Language & Literacy app will encounter an issue where non-video audio won’t play. This issue was introduced with a Google Chrome 66 update. The Chrome 66 release blocks "unwanted" audio on a webpage from loading. However, Chrome allows audio to play if the user interacts with the page in a way that indicates audio is desired.

We're working on a fix and for the Imagine Learning legacy and Imagine Language & Literacy apps and will release the fix as soon as possible.

  • Use our new Imagine Language & Literacy app ( where the issue is still present for (only SSO users) but can be avoided. Because Chrome allows audio to play if you interact with the page before it fully loads, simply click on a part of the page (for example, the character bios) while on the loading screen.

  • Delay updating to Chrome 66.


There isn't currently a workaround available for legacy app users.