Locating Student Recordings for Revisited Books

The adaptive nature of Imagine Language & Literacy curriculum provides some students the opportunity to revisit literacy lessons. These students may be prompted to record books they have previously encountered and recorded.

Student recordings are available for review in the Portfolio area of the Imagine Learning Portal. The summary view of a student's portfolio includes information about each set of recordings, such as the book title and the timestamp of the first recording in that set. When a student has recorded a book multiple times, all of the recordings are grouped together.


The summary view of the student's portfolio currently reports the date of the earliest recording for a book, rather than the date of the most recent recording.

Future releases of the Imagine Learning Portal will make it easier for staff to find the most recent recordings available for review.


Staff who wish to review the most recently available recordings for students who have revisited literacy lessons can:

  1. Visually scan the book cover icons in the summary view of a student's Portfolio or use the browser's Find functionality to locate the appropriate book by its title.
  2. Click the appropriate cover icon to view details about the recordings completed for that book.
  3. Scroll down to locate the most recent recordings available for review.
  4. The Lesson Details section of the Progress By Lesson report may be useful in identifying the titles of books recently revisited by a student.