Product releases

Release 2020.01.21 gives teachers the ability to completely reset a student(s) progress on a passage, allowing for a fresh start with the passage. Students can now see an indicator showing which of their passages are currently "in progress" as well as an indicator for when passages they revisit have already been completed. A graph showing student daily usage for the current week is now available.

In this release, we have introduced Benchmark enhancements and a new beta Benchmark report which includes Quantiles for PreK-2. We've made other improvements to our Usage: Overview report date range selector, timeout student sessions after one hour, and other enhancements.

Release 2019.12.18 includes improvements to the teacher grading view. Detailed answer keys are now available for all question types include complex, technology-enhanced items. More detail and clarity has been brought to the display of individual student responses. New column headers, labels, and tool tips have been implemented.

We're adding new media files to Media Boosters to make your load times faster!

This release fixes minor visual, audio, and functionality issues in multiple activities.

Resolved an issue with the iOS keyboard when using SSO.

This update contains significant improvements to the User Interface and Experience in the Setup Wizard, as well as minor improvements to the portal.

Release 2019.12.11 adds useful features for readers. When reading a passage, both students and teachers can now click on any image within the passage to enlarge it. The dictionary tool has added audio support so users can listen to the selected word being pronounced.

Update to the Imagine Math Facts Windows system requirements

With release 2019.11.20 of Imagine Reading we implement phase 3 of our teacher experience redesign. This final phase introduces an Overview page for the unit Focus Question and Overview pages for each Deep Reading Cycle. These Overview pages provide all related instructional resources and display important data about student progress.

Imagine Math Facts App Update

We've updated our whitelist requirements to reflect the current product and what aliases must be allowed through the network firewall for the optimal student and educator experience within Imagine Math.

Imagine Math Facts supports Android OS 4.5 or newer.

With release 2019.11.05 of Imagine Reading we implement phase 2 of our teacher experience redesign. Phase 2 introduces a new left-side navigation bar.

In this release, we have prioritized enhancements to the Benchmark data and Benchmark assignment components of the program, introduced a new location for PreK-2 students that will house new lessons, as well as improvements for our rostering and support teams.

Imagine Math no longer supports devices on iOS 9.3 and older.

With release 2019.10.15 of Imagine Reading we implement phase 1 of our teacher experience redesign. This redesign clarifies the program instructional flow for teachers.

Unity LTS Upgrade +++

With release 2019.10.01 of Imagine Reading we complete the rollout of our new group and organization level dashboards, provide the ability for teachers to control the availability of audio support, and have updated the Power Sentence Lesson.

In this release we have added additional teaching resources and adjusted the implementation of Clever’s ELL status field.

This release fixes an issue with the Chrome App that prevented SSO from working properly as well as minor formatting and audio issues in multiple activities

This release brings a new way to verify test submissions and improved delivery of the Dyslexia Screening Toolkit on iPads.

With release 2019.9.16 of Imagine Reading we begin the rollout of our new group-specific dashboard.

This release fixes minor visual and audio issues in multiple activities

New Overview Report, more article-level data, improved highlights and annotations, and more.