Product releases

Includes fixes for the Imagine Español Silabas Caprichosas Repaso 1 activity as well as fixes for minor formatting and style issues in Imagine Language and Literacy and Imagine Español.

This release includes a fix related to memory usage in older versions of Chrome.

This release fixes some login and Site Code issues.

This release includes fixes and improved audio.

This release fixes issues with the Pre- and Placement Test, teacher-awarded Booster Bits, QR codes, and activity text.

Includes bug fixes for the Activity Rater and assessments.

This release includes a new feature that allows students to rate Imagine Language and Literacy activities, and bug fixes.

This release includes performance improvements, visual enhancements, and bug fixes.

Includes a bug fix for the Imagine Español Caracteristicas Del Texto Practica activity and addresses some minor formatting issues.

Includes some interface improvements and fixes for Imagine Español learning and reward activities.

This release fixes some minor issues found in Imagine Español.

We've added more files to Media Boosters!

This release fixes a few minor issue found in Imagine Español.

We're adding additional media files to make the experience faster for Imagine Español and Imagine Language & Literacy.

With this release, our Chrome browser users will notice that the initial load time is now twice as fast after updating to Google Chrome 73.

This release fixes an issue with the My Playlist section of Activity Explorer.

We made some improvements to the the Imagine Learning Portal that add new functionality to the Portfolio.

We're adding additional media files to make the experience even smoother for Imagine Español and Imagine Language & Literacy.

We're made some improvements to Imagine Español and Imagine Language & Literacy that addresses some minor issues.

We're updating media files on all Media Boosters.

We've added some more improvements to the student experience of Imagine Español and Imagine Language & Literacy.

Activities launched from the Imagine Language & Literacy teacher's Action Areas Tool now launch in our faster loading and better performing web app.

We're adding more enhancements and improvements to the Imagine Learning Portal.

Blueprint students can now play 5 new number composition games! All Blueprint games in the Circus location are now available.

We're adding new media files to Media Boosters to make your load times faster!