Product releases

This release introduces the new Student Launch video, Student Progress Report designations for preparatory lessons, HELP Section documentation updates, updates to the benchmark verbiage, new games overview documentation, and the New York custom Regents Exam pathways.

This release introduces support for 3rd and 4th grade students, grade-level unit pathways, and new precursor lessons.

This release introduces the school year rollover banner, benchmark roster updates, student progress report updates, ability to preview games from the answer key, new precursor lessons, and grade-level unit pathways.

This release introduces the new district onboarding service, guided learning instruction added to lessons, new precursor lessons released, 2016-2017 default pathways, and custom pathways.

This release introduces new unique quiz items, 2016-2017 default pathways, more THINK points earned for testing out of lessons, Eureka math pathways, custom pathway updates, school administrator account sync with Clever, and temporary removal of the SIS status page.

This Imagine Learning Español app release introduces a new auto updating Windows app and includes new features, new activities, enhancements, and bug fixes.

This release includes new activities, assessments, and an auto update feature for the Windows standalone app.

This release introduces improved Lesson Activity Section of the Student Progress Report, student THINK Points transaction history, alphabetical sorting for class lists, optional student demographic data, required regions when school is created/edited, and the completion of the live teaching audio upgrade.