Product releases

We've made some fixes to the Affix Action, Word Warehouse, Prove the Point, Answer on Your Own, and What's the Story activities.

We're downloading new media files to online Media Boosters.

This release introduces Imagine Math Facts to Android devices for the first time. Imagine Math Facts was previously available only on Windows, Chrome, macOS, and iOS. You can find the new app in Google Play and in Amazon Apps & Games.

This release includes several fixes to Imagine Language & Literacy activities.

This release includes new bug fixes, and introduces new curriculum and other enhancements available in 1.105 to all platforms.

We're downloading new media files to online Media Boosters.

This release includes bug fixes, and re-introduces bug fixes from the 3.117.1418 release.

This release includes bug fixes for Benchmark Test reports.

This release includes several audio fixes. Users will begin to see updates tonight.

We're updating the Manager API to fix an issue related to Media Booster settings.

This release includes work to support Clever integrations, and Imagine Learning import files now allow more ways to enter grades.

This release includes work associated with the Imagine Learning Portal 1.113.8154 release.

This release adds a chat widget to the Help screen, moves the Management link to a more prominent position, and fixes some bugs.

This release includes minor bug fixes in two Imagine Language & Literacy assessments.

This release includes interface changes, a fix for an issue in the Timeseekers 2 activity, fixes for Japanese audio instruction, and other activity fixes.

This release fixes an issue that caused Imagine Learning Portal reports to show missing or old data after the organization's school year changed.

This release includes RLA bug fixes and back end work.

We've updated the reports service.

This release includes performance enhancements and bug fixes.

We've fixed a settings file issue associated with the Chrome Web Store app, and made several other activity fixes.

This release includes bug fixes.

This release includes SSO enhancements and a bug fix.

This release includes several bug fixes.

This release introduces changes to the login process.

This release includes activity enhancements and bug fixes.