Whitelist IP changes

Release Date

Whitelist changes

Expected change date: February 2, 2018

Because we're making some necessary security enhancements, studentdata.my.imaginelearning.com will change from to point to il-studentdata-production-wu.azurewebsites.net at


Failure to allow access to this new address may result in errors in the reporting of student usage data.

Expected change date: January 26, 2018

import.my.imaginelearning.com will change from pointing to il-imports-production.cloudapp.net (IP address to il-imports-production-wu.cloudapp.net at


For users who are whitelisting based on URL, no changes are required. For those that are whitelisting based on IP, an update to the whitelist is required. Please make any necessary changes to the configuration of your firewall policy to continue smooth delivery of Imagine Learning services.