Setup Wizard Update

Release Date

This update includes a new UI as well as enhanced functionality for the setup wizard. 

A new getting started layout

There are new elements like checkboxes, radio buttons, select all/deselect all boxes for added clarity.

Group Selection Screen with Radio Buttons

Users no longer have to scroll to the bottom to navigate. There is a new persistent menu at the bottom of the screen that shows a “breadcrumb trail” of where users are.Student List

Student selection is more easily managed due to filters, better searching, more columns and sorting.

Filtering by Grade


Other setup wizard enhancements:

  • Assign product page loads existing student access and settings (and are still editable).
  • There are clearer and more consistent text instructions.
  • Lists are alphabetized by default.
  • The Session Time Limit logic has been improved.



This update also includes minor improvements in the portal:

  • Dashboard options
  • Error consistency