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Activity Rater

The new Activity Rater allows students to send feedback to Imagine Learning by rating activities. Students are presented with the Activity Rater after every third completed activity. Rating the activity simply requires students to click one of three faces representing a like, dislike or indifferent rating (some students refer to this option as “just ok”) for the activity just completed. After rating the activity, students are taken to the reward screen if they earned Booster Bits, or are shown the loading screen and next activity. If students don't make a selection in a reasonable amount of time, the Activity Rater is automatically dismissed.

Activity Rater


  • Provides usability improvements in a few activities.
  • Fixes an error associated with clicking pause while trying to record in some activities.
  • Fixes minor formatting errors in multiple activities.

Imagine Español

  • Fixes minor errors with audio and text in some activities.