Imagine Learning Student App

Release Date

What's new

Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español

This release features a new login experience. Students can still access the program through but will be redirected to a central login page, Students using iOS and Android apps will continue to login through their app, but credentials will be verified through the same central authentication service. Schools using ClassLink and Clever will be able to continue to log in using these third-party services.

After logging in, all students will be presented with a page that will allow them to choose which product they want to use.

Once students have selected Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español, they will be asked to click a button to confirm their identity or logout if they find they are logged in as the wrong person. This identity confirmation prompt will also appear if a student has been inactive for an extended period.  This confirmation step will help prevent students from inadvertently using another student’s account if they failed to log out correctly.