Chromebook system requirements clarification

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Chromebook system requirements

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We've revised Chromebook system requirements for Imagine Language & Literacy to specify different requirements for ARM (Samsung and Rockchip) and Intel CPUs. 32-bit ARM CPUs are supported, as are ARM 32-bit operating systems.

These revisions are in text only. Imagine Language & Literacy has supported 32-bit ARM CPUs since the initial release in August 2017.

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ARM 64-bit support

While performing benchmarking tests for the Imagine Language & Literacy product on an ARM 64-bit Chromebook, we observed signifiant performance issues. Some of those findings included irregular audio playback, slowness between animations in activities, problematic video playback, various stutters during student recordings, and significantly delayed user input.

At this time 64-bit ARM processors can not be supported due to the poor user experience. We will continue to follow the hardware and software development of these platforms and are open to allowing support for this hardware in the future.