Whitelist IP changes for Imagine Language & Literacy

Release Date

Whitelist IP changes

Expected change dates: March 19, 2018 and April 9, 2018

We’re changing the IP address of our Router API (Sequencer API, Reports API, Manager API, Auth API) on March 19, followed by a change of the IP address of our Student Data API on April 9. See our whitelist requirements for more information about Imagine Learning services that require firewall exceptions.


The IP address changes affect the Imagine Language & Literacy app and Imagine Learning Portal; however, only organizations whitelisting our services by IP address are affected. Organizations whitelisting by DNS (our recommendation) will be unaffected.

Reason for change

Imagine Learning is committed to protecting the privacy of our students, and we’ve identified some areas where we would like to improve our security. To enable these improvements, we’re changing the publicly accessible IP address for our backend services which will, unfortunately, affect some of our customers.

These changes facilitate compliance with industry-required security measures, and allow us to continue providing a secure and safe learning platform for students.


Please make any necessary changes to the configuration of your firewall policy to continue smooth delivery of Imagine Language & Literacy.