Whitelist IP change

Release Date

A recent SSL certificate update failure with our CDN provider for umedia.imaginelearning.net caused issues with our legacy Imagine Learning client. To mitigate impact as quickly as possible, we switched providers to AWS CloudFront, necessitating a change in the whitelist.


umedia.imaginelearning.net has changed from s5.gs1.wpc.rhocdn.net and umedia.wpc.305e.xicdn.net to d2dazgujkzyqik.cloudfront.net. Please make any necessary adjustments to your whitelist.

This change only impacts legacy Imagine Learning client users accessing Imagine Learning from client.imaginelearning.com and a subset of features within the Imagine Learning Portal activity menu my.imaginelearning.com. Please see status.imaginelearning.com for additional details about the issue. See Imagine Language & Literacy whitelist requirements for detailed whitelist information.