Sequencer service

Release Date

Change summary

We've made several improvements to the sequencer's adaptivity, and fixed some bugs.


  • We updated and improved many questions in the Reading Level Assessment.
  • We improved the adaptive nature of the Benchmark Tests so they give assessments that are more appropriate for each student's reading level.
  • We improved the timing of the Leveled Reading Comprehension assessment given when a student starts on Leveled Books. The assessment should no longer occur if it has recently been taken during one of the Benchmark Tests.
  • We made an improvement that allows students to skip the early songs and chants when they place into or progress far enough in beginning books.
  • We made an improvement that lets the student skip part of a set of beginning books if their scores change.
  • We made an improvement to Syllable Story and Syllable Split so students can get the introduction and practices in the ideal order, even if they are being sent backward in the sequence due to poor scores.
  • We improved how the sequencer behaves when a student gets sent back to a lesson they had previously finished. Previously, there was a case where a student could skip the content they had seen before, even though they need to see it again.


  • We fixed a bug where the sequencer could cause students to skip remediation activities in letter recognition.
  • We fixed a bug that could cause students to miss the Reading Ace test preparation tutorials when their grade is changed in the middle of a set of books.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing students to get only the first few pages of certain leveled books during Listen and Read remediation.
  • We fixed a bug that made the book The Case of Missing Manny to play as a Read on My Own book when it should play as a Listen and Read book. The same bug may have caused some students to read the book twice.
  • We fixed a bug that could cause students to skip the Presenting Vowels activity even though they need it.
  • We fixed a bug causing some students to take a Tune In activity earlier than they should.
  • We fixed a bug that may have caused inconsistent backward placement during the Beginning-of-Year Benchmark Test.
  • We fixed a bug where students may have gotten a Cloze Passage Comprehension assessment that was too easy during the Beginning-of-Year Benchmark Test.