Sequencer service

Release Date


  • Students can now get the Meet New Sounds and Discover Similar Sounds activities regardless of age. These activities were previously only available to younger students but can be very helpful to older students who are just beginning to learn English.
  • We have added new History Hero practice questions to the Irregular Past grammar lessons.
  • Students can now place out of all grade 1 grammar lessons. Prior to this change, there were certain lessons that could never be placed out of.
  • In all basic vocabulary lessons, we have separated the practice and assessment activities so the assessment can better measure retention.
  • The Text Types activity has been updated to use an example book from other activities on the student's grade level, rather than always using the same book for every grade.
  • In the book lessons, when making decisions about whether to send a student backward or let a student skip lessons, we now take into account more skills than before.
  • We have updated all pretest names to be more informative. These names appear in Imagine Language & Literacy when showing the student's score immediately after taking a pretest.


  • We fixed a bug where students could repeat certain parts of the Placement Test if their grade was changed in the middle of taking the test.
  • We now ensure that students will not get extra instances of the Word Chop activity if they get sent backward in the book lessons.
  • The wording of one of the questions in the Reading Level Assessment has been improved to avoid a potential ambiguity.