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Schools and districts can now enable the RLA and Benchmark tests; however test settings can now be changed only on the school level. The tests can no longer be enabled at the state level, or for multiple districts.

District view

District administrators can enable tests for individual or multiple schools.

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To change test settings for one or more organizations in the district

  1. Edit an organization and select Student Testing.
  2. Select a test from the dropdown menu.
  3. Check boxes to select the school or schools you want to edit.
  4. Click Disable or Enable.
  5. Click Update Setting to confirm your choice.

School view

Click Edit to disable or enable tests for the school. Changing a school's settings also changes the setting shown at the district level.

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  • Unassigned students added to a group will immediately disappear from the unassigned group instead of waiting for a re-index.
  • Fixes an issue in Action Areas where words containing apostrophes were not displaying properly.
  • Sorting in the Progress Tool for all users now uses lastName, firstName ordering.
  • The Achievement Report column headings no longer overlap on the iPad.
  • Fixes some broken lesson plan links in Teacher Resources.
  • Fixes an issue where clicking on an Action Areas Intervention for Supported Literal Tools never loaded.
  • The Management search filter now retains chosen filters instead of reverting back to the default view.
  • The Benchmark Test Gains Report no longer shows “Tested Out” for Middle of Year tests not taken.
  • The Benchmark Test Group Report now shows year-to-date difference when Middle and End of Year scores are available.