Imagine Language & Literacy Chrome app

Release Date

Enhanced performance

The Imagine Language & Literacy app is redesigned to run faster, resulting in reduced network traffic and load times. The size of the initial download is three times smaller than the Imagine Learning legacy app.


The Imagine Language & Literacy web app is currently available only in Chrome. However; we are actively working to provide support for Edge, Firefox, and Safari during the 2017-18 school year. The new app is also available to download from the Chrome Web Store.

Loads faster

Media files for the new app are now smaller so that network traffic and load times are greatly reduced. Videos load faster because of adaptive streaming technology. This ensures you can start watching a video before it’s completely downloaded.

App size

We've significantly reduced the app size. The new app is now 7 MB—a substantial decrease from the 23 MB size of the legacy app.

System requirements

Recommended requirements for the Imagine Language & Literacy app differ from the Imagine Learning legacy app—the biggest change affects Mac users, who need to have Mac OS X 10.9 or newer. Go to System requirements and select the Imagine Language & Literacy web app to see details for requirements on all supported platforms.


Configure your firewall policy to allow access to and

New login page

You'll see our new Imagine Language & Literacy branding on the sign in page. Go to to log in to the app.

Imagine Language & Literacy login


Teachers credentials can't be used to sign in to the student app.

Booster loading screen

We've made the loading screen that students see between activities more engaging.

Booster loading screen

End of content strategies

A new message alerts teachers when a student has finished Imagine Language & Literacy curriculum for his or her grade level. We've also included some possible next-step learning strategies.

Out of content


The Language & Literacy app navigation is easily accessible during all activities, enabling students or teachers to easily pause and restart the session.

App navigation

Pause screen

Student rewards

Imagine Language & Literacy activities now include more direct incentives for students to participate fully in the learning experience. A new screen displays between activities to show students how many Booster Bits they've earned. The rewards screen shows the student's current Imagine Museum level, and updates automatically when a level is unlocked. Learn more about Imagine Museum here.

Booster loading screen