Imagine Language & Literacy app

Release Date

New features

We've added a message to encourage users visiting in a non-Chrome browser to switch to Chrome.

Switch to Chrome message

Change summary

  • The Nav Bar center button is enabled but is now not clickable during audio playback for the Prove the Point activity.
  • We've improved the background flash within the Vowel Explorer activity.
  • We've improved the text layout on Decodable Book activity.
  • The EOS Canvas now scales correctly with the End of Session activity.
  • We've made improvements to the Understand What I Read activity.
  • We've improved stability with the Pre And Placement activity.
  • Portuguese audio is no longer overlapping the target audio during dataset 3 of the Introduction to Rhyme activity.
  • Vowel Explorer transition screens are improved.
  • Selected words now get properly cleared during the My Kind of Art activity.
  • A grey image no longer appears before the Word-A-Tron activity loads.
  • Repeat Audio now functions correctly in the Word-A-Tron activity.
  • We've improved the Booster Bits automation test.
  • Users can now click the Museum button before the audio has finished.
  • The spacebar key is now recognized in the Word Warehouse activity.
  • Eyebrow images are draggable again in the Explore Everyday Words activity.
  • Frame rate can now be altered using a URL parameter.
  • We've fixed an explosion animation in the Blaster activity.
  • We've made various improvements to scoring.
  • The hit boost is now unhighlighted after it's used in the Mazel Cannon activity.
  • The Mazel Cannon store window no longer shows up for users who don't have enough Booster Bits to purchase items.