Imagine Language & Literacy app

Release Date

Change Summary

  • Fixes an issue where the times-through value could be lost when visiting an Imagine Museum activity.
  • Fixes a null reference exception in the Figurative Finds activity.
  • The font sizes now display more consistently in the Word Warehouse activity.
  • Target words are now highlighted correctly in the History Hero activity.
  • Improves music playback during the Vocab Dash activity.
  • Improves automation testing.
  • Enhances the Sort It Out activity so that users must now wait to be able to move images until after the audio instruction finishes playing, the Let's Go button is now clickable before the audio is completed, the highlighting of incorrect answers and repeated words now functions correctly, and the clickable areas in Dataset 1 are now properly aligned.
  • Improves overall audio playback.
  • Improves image highlighting during Introduction to Rhyme activity
  • Addresses an issue where the Let's Go button wasn't always clickable during the Name That Word activity.
  • Enhances the color selection, scene lighting, and color selection in the Imagine Museum Character Builder activity.
  • The bubble-popping audio now plays correctly during the Underwater Adventure activity.
  • The timeout audio now plays consistently during the Fix It Up activity.
  • Improves the syncing of audio and animations during the Monster Blend activity.
  • Adds logging for device memory use.
  • Fixes an issue where images were overlapping with other images in the side panel during the Explore Everyday Words activity.