Imagine Language & Literacy app

Release Date

Change summary

  • Book page progress is now saved during the Record Mode of the Decodable Books activity.
  • Fixes an issue where the Site Code value didn't persist on unmanaged Chromebooks using the Chrome Web Store app.
  • Recording no longer causes exceptions during the Decodable Books activity.
  • The Translate button within the Word-A-Tron activity is now deactivated while the instruction audio is playing and when the activity completes, images are now grayed-out when placed in their correct spot, and target words no longer remain on screen at the completion of Word-A-Tron.
  • Adds a missing Portuguese translation audio file in Word-A-Tron.
  • Fixes issues in the Explore Everyday Words activity where draggable images were stuck in the left pane, the eraser icon wasn't always clickable, the image couldn't be placed near the bottom of the screen, and clicking on the eraser icon caused the images in the left pane to move.
  • Improves formatting and fixes issues during the Time to Read activity where instruction audio was playing in English instead of Portuguese, and an author's name was misspelled.
  • Adds additional Japanese audio instruction improvements.
  • Fixes an issue where pausing a student session wouldn't stop a video from playing during the Fluent Reader activity.