Imagine Language & Literacy app

Release Date

Interface changes

The site code edit button is now more discrete on the student login screen.

Image of Edit button modifications

A Pre and Placement Test screen with summary of correct answers now displays at the end of the pre-test.

Image of the Pre and Placement screen


  • Now alerts users in kiosk mode when they don't meet system requirements.

Audio fixes

  • Removes redundant audio in the Pre and Placement Test.
  • Fixes additional Japanese instructional audio in Everyday Word and Scenes activity.
  • Fixes Japanese instruction audio in the Animated Everyday Words activity.
  • Fixes Japanese instruction audio in the Identify Rhyming Words activity.
  • Fixes missing Japanese audio in the Let's Talk activity.

Activity fixes

  • Fixes an issue in the Timeseekers 2 activity that caused students to get stuck.
  • Font sizes are now consistent in the Intro to Main Idea activity.
  • Adds page numbers back into datasets 3-9 in the Intro to Main Idea activity.
  • Fixes a scoring error in the Listen Up activity.
  • Fixes an issue where correct answers were clickable but greyed out before selection in the Word-A-Tron activity.

Data fixes

  • Improves the reliability of accurately submitting student session time.
  • Fixes the longest date values in the Network Health tool.
  • Cleans up unnecessary logging associated with the Rewards screen.
  • Adds tracking to determine whether the Chrome Web Store app or web app is being used.