Imagine Language & Literacy app

Release Date


  • Fixes an issue where upgrades couldn't be purchased in the Mazel Cannon activity.
  • Fixes an issue where audio instruction wasn't playing in the Decodable Books activity.
  • Fixes an issue where the text overlapped in the Reading Ace activity.
  • Fixes an issue where the correct answer is not pulsating in the Intro To Fables And Folktales activity.
  • Fixes an issue where tabbing functionality wasn't working on the Unity login screen.
  • Adjusted text sizing to avoid overlaps in some questions in the Answer On Your Own activity.
  • Changes audio for Japanese to be more specific when the student is asked to listen again or finish the activity in the Sing and Chant activity.
  • Fixes an issue where purple blocks appeared instead of images in the Go For the Gold activity.
  • Highlighted words no longer appear invisible in the Time Seekers activity.
  • Adds a progress bar to the Animated Everyday Words activity.
  • Updates the animation for the word 'leaving' so that it ends in the right location in the Animate Everyday Words activity.


  • Now displays a loading indicator when a student is logging in.