Imagine Language & Literacy

Release Date

New features

  • Teacher Presentation View is now available from the Pause screen. This feature allows teachers to pause a session and take more time to explain what's being taught in the activity.

    Teacher Presentation View

  • The Ask For Help screen now pops up during inactivity. If the prompt is not dismissed before 10 minutes, the student is logged out.

    Ask For Help

  • The app version now displays on the HTML and Unity login screens.
  • A microphone recording volume indicator now shows on the Technical Details screen.

    Ask For Help


  • Fixes an issue where the progress bar wasn't accurately showing progress in the Vocrab Island activity. 
  • Fixes an issue where an idle student session wouldn't show the Ask For Help screen in the Story Circle activity.
  • The translation button now works correctly during the My Kind of Art activity.
  • Fixes various Russian language issues in the Understand What I Read activity.
  • Removes the timeout during the writing portion of the Vocrab Island activity.
  • Fixes an issue where a grey screen sometimes appeared while attempting to play a video in the Word Alert activity.
  • Centers the image on the splash screen in the Recognize Everyday Word activity.