Imagine Language & Literacy app

Release Date

What's new

  • Fixes an issue where the product didn't handle interrupted video playback issue gracefully.
  • The glossary button now appears disabled until the glossary is allowed to be closed in the Time To Read activity.
  • Mazel Coaster art within the Museum activity menu now shows the correct activity name.
  • The repeat button is now enabled at the correct times in the Put It Together activity.
  • Fixes some punctuation in the Prove the Point activity.
  • Fixes an issue where each answer box button was selected instead of just one in the Intro to Main Idea activity.
  • Adjusts word highlighting in the Word Maze and Intro to Fables and Folktales activities.
  • Fixes an issue where playing a video caused a selected answer to become deselected in the Go For the Gold activity.
  • Corrects audio in the Figurative Finds activity.
  • Fixes an issue where the Move On button wouldn't pulsate in the Solve It activity.
  • The volume no longer decreases when the Let's Go audio plays during the Intro to Fables and Folktales activity.
  • Increases the maximum record time in the Decodable Books activity.
  • Fixes an issue where some customers saw a javascript error when logging in.

This release is for the Imagine Language & Literacy web app only.