Imagine Math Facts iPad

Release Date

Friendly mode

A new toggle in Options disables any intense effects when a player gets a question wrong. This feature is available on a per-student basis inside the game, or class- or school-wide from the Admin tool.


This image shows the Friendly Mode check box on the Options menu.


This image shows the Friendly Mode check box in the Admin window.

Spanish language support

We've introduced Spanish language support for Big Brainz hints and buttons. This feature is available in-game only. To enable Spanish language support, from the Options menu, click or tap the Language button to toggle between English and Spanish.

This image shows the Big Brainz Options menu.

Ninja modes

This is an option for fast finishers that lets students replay the game at even more difficult levels requiring a faster response time. The three levels are Ninja Apprentice, Ninja, and Ninja Master. Ninja is very challenging; Ninja Master is simply ridiculous. Ninja mode is just for fun after students have shown proficiency by completing all four operations with at least 95% fluency in 3rd grade or above, or by completing addition and subtraction with at least 95% fluency for 2nd grade and lower. Until that time, students see a grayed-out Ninja button with a pop-up explanation. When students first unlock Ninja mode, they are able to start playing Ninja Mode at the easiest level—Ninja Apprentice. To view a previous certificate, click the Close button.

This image shows the Ninja button.

This image shows text explaining Ninja Mode.

This image shows the three Ninja Mode buttons.

Forced operation order

We've added a feature that allows an educator to force a particular operation order. Access this feature in Reports > Edit, and check the Remove Operation Ordering box.

This image shows the Friendly Mode option.

Demo skipping

You can now demo Big Brainz game play from the iPad more quickly by skipping initial placement tests. After pressing the Demo button, you will be able to first skip the typing test, and then the pre-test.

Skip typing test

This image shows the skip typing test option.

Skip pre-test

This image shows the skip pre-test option.