Imagine Math Facts

Release Date

Login enhancements

We've made significant changes to the Imagine Math Facts login process to introduce unique usernames and passwords. Districts and schools will now be assigned a unique Site Code, by an Imagine Learning representative.

This animated gif shows the Imagine Math Facts login interface.

Teacher accounts

Teachers and administrators can log in to using the username school, with their existing password, if that password is unique. If your school also uses Imagine Language & Literacy, the Imagine Math Facts Site Code is the same. If you don't know your Site Code, contact Imagine Learning Technical Support.


If your school or district shares passwords for teachers and administrators, you won't be able to log in. Call or text Imagine Learning Technical Support @ (866) 457-8776 for assistance. Technical Support can also help if you have forgotten your password.


Student accounts

Each student now needs to have a unique username and password. You'll need to create new student accounts and assign each student a username.

See Rostering for information on how to create student accounts, and Log in, for details about Imagine Math Facts authentication.



  • Fixed a bug in Addition/Subtraction in which players who had selected Kandi as their character may sometimes get stuck in the cannons of the Retention level.
  • Fixed a bug where the spiders in Machine World could fall through the floor.
  • Fixed an issue where getting certain strings of facts wrong in pre-test could cause the character to be unable to turn
  • Fixed an issue in Spaceport where a player could teleport past an event which triggered a test boss to appear
  • Fixed an issue in Spaceport where the player would sometimes fall through the spacecraft floor.
  • Fixed some audio volume level issues in Multiplication/Division Retention