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In 2018, Reasoning Mind joined the Imagine Math family. Reasoning Mind’s award-winning, early-learning math program, Blueprint, delivers rigorous, age-appropriate instruction using lovable characters and songs with captivating storylines. While Blueprint was originally developed for students in grades Pre-K through 1, we’ve been hard at work expanding the curriculum to meet the needs of Grade 2 students. Now Blueprint is Imagine Math Pre-K-2.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we’ve combined the Imagine Math Pre-K-2 curriculum with Imagine Math Grade 3 and up to create a single student and educator experience with updated reporting and a unified login.

This image shows the Imagine Language & Literacy login interface.

Both the student and educator experiences can be accessed at Returning Blueprint (now Imagine Math Pre-K-2) users will now access this program at instead of and/or the unique URL previously provided.

This image shows the Imagine Language & Literacy login interface.

Blueprint (now Imagine Math Pre-K-2) educators will need new accounts for the 2019-2020 school year. Blueprint (now Imagine Math Pre-K-2) users who previously logged in to or accessed Imagine Math via Clever will automatically be redirected to

Both Blueprint (now Imagine Math Pre-K-2) and Imagine Math Grade 3+ users who use Auth0, SAML, and LTI will need to update their URLs according to the Imagine Math whitelist requirements on the Imagine Learning support site.

Educator Dashboard Update

Imagine Math educator dashboard

Imagine Math educator dashboard

  • Data reflects the Imagine Math Grade 3+ experience only. Including Grade 2+ data has been prioritized for an August release. 
  • Updated look and feel places all of the same information users currently see in their dashboard “above the fold.” 
  • The teacher version of the dashboard contains the Activity Feed; the Administrator version of the dashboard does not. This preserves the current functionality of the Activity Feed.

Overview Report

The new Imagine Math dashboard

A screenshot of the Imagine Math educator dashboard

  • Redesigned and updated to include Imagine Math Pre-K- 2 (Blueprint) data.
  • Educators will be able to customize the report to include relevant data.
    • These selections will be stored locally to the user’s cache.
  • Educators can, within their scope of access, group data by District, Grade, School, Classroom, and Students. 
  • Educators will be able to filter data by grade level or program environment (Pre-K - 2, Grade 3+). 
  • This report can be customized by a date range, exported, and printed.

Student Data Export

A screenshot of the Imagine Math educator's dashboard

  • Starting August 5, users will be able to export data from Imagine Math Pre-K-2 (Blueprint) and Imagine Math Grade 3+ with a customizable date range selection.
  • The date range must be within the current academic year.
  • The user who requested the export will receive an email at the address associated with their account with a link to download their export once it is ready.


A screenshot of the Imagine Math educator's dashboard

  • For 2019-2020, we have removed the “Help” page and will instead have a footer with help on every page. From here, users can grab info to contact support, access the Customer Care knowledge base, access ILU, and follow us on social media.