Imagine Math

Release Date

Login enhancements

Imagine Math now gives users the option to implement student usernames and passwords that are unique to an organization, instead of being globally unique to the Imagine Math system. Students can have shorter, easier-to-remember passwords because usernames in one district won't conflict with usernames in other districts.

Districts and schools implementing this new feature will be assigned a unique Site Code by an Imagine Learning representative to use during the authentication process. Users within organizations that don't choose to implement Site Codes may simply leave the field blank.

This animated gif shows the Imagine Math login interface.

Teacher accounts

Teachers and administrators can log in to with a username and password.


Teachers and administrators aren't required to enter a Site Code during the login process.


Student accounts

Students need to enter a Site Code once during the login process; after that it's saved in the browser. You can create a bookmark with your Site Code that eliminates the need for students to enter information in the Site Code field.

If your school also uses Imagine Language & Literacy, the Imagine Math Site Code is the same.