Imagine Math September 2019 Release Notes

Release Date

Language Settings: ELL Status & Clever

Clever's ell_status field used to drive language support settings for students in Imagine Math. This caused issues for students in Imagine Math PreK-2 as the entire program instructed students in Spanish. We've removed this connection so that ell_status from Clever will no longer manage the Imagine Math student support_language setting. Teachers and Administrators will be able to manually set their own audio language support settings (English or Spanish) for students in Imagine Math.


Usage: Overview

  • Based upon customer feedback we have changed the default view of this report to the year to date (YTD) option.
    • Users can still select the last seven days as well as a custom date range.
  • Additional improvements to styling and usability to support standard and smaller devices.

Imagine Math Usage Report


Usage: Student Progress Report

  • Drop down selection fields for School, Class, Student, and Pathway have been added to the top of this report for Imagine Math Grade 3+.

Teaching Resources

  • High School is now a grade level in the Grade drop-down menu.
  • A button has been added to launch the Imagine Math Grade 3+ student experience videos.

Imagine Math Teaching Resources Page


Lesson Explorer

  • The Imagine Math Grade 3+ answer key is now available.
  • Imagine Math PreK-2 lessons can now be launched from a button in this section.

Imagine Math Lesson Explorer Page